“Kate Lynch is our local version of Nora Jones.  Her voice is calming and interesting to listen to.  Not only is Kate undoubtedly talented, the musicians that she has accompany her have always been outstanding.  Kate is easy to work with and brings all of her own setup.  I would highly recommend!”


Anna Streich

Activity Director

The Kenwood Retirement Community

“I just wish everyone, at least everyone over seventy, could have the opportunity of spending an evening with Kate Lynch and her Most Excellent Fellows.”


Resident at Kenwood- Isles Retirement Community



The music that I play is designed to awaken long forgotten memories of those living with memory loss issues and those who simply haven't thought about their senior prom in, say, fifty years. The songs I play provide direct access to memories, and associations to music memories are often pleasant ones.

Our band is called Kate Lynch and Her Most Excellent Fellows. I lovingly play the songs live on the upright bass and my seasoned band of one to five back me up on guitar, drums, trumpet, trombone and accordion. With the same instruments used by the greats of old, our band provides a genuine old-time flavor and a nuanced feel to the great songs of yesteryear.

Kate Lynch and Her Most Excellent Fellows play songs such as Shine On Harvest Moon (1911), Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone (1930), Harbor Lights (1937), Java Jive (1940), Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (1946), I'm Beginning to See The Light (1944) and Fever (1958) to name only a few.  Songs made popular by the Ink Spots, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Artie Shaw, Bennie Goodman, Ethel Waters, the list goes on!


As I play live the songs from days gone by, everyone over seventy mouths every single word to each song  while either tapping their foot or dancing.  I particularly love visiting with folks after the show, listening to the moments remembered from people who were "actually there", people who grew up listening and enjoying the phenomenal music scene between 1915-1958.




Why? As my friend's husband was passing away from brain cancer in 2013, all awareness and memory access eluded him, except the lyrics to the many, many songs he had known. While he was unable to remember the names of anyone close to him, he was still able to sing the lyrics to all the songs he had ever known. I realized music memories must be lodged in a place in our brains separate from where we store other memories.

Why? As a performer and composer several years ago I discovered music, fabulous music, from days gone by-the 1930s-1950s. Smitten and driven I learned dozens of hits ( some common and well known, and some obscure) on upright bass and lead vocals, assembled a top notch band and have had numerous shows in local venues and private parties.

Why? I used to do massage therapy with elders and people in hospice care. Many of my clients were in memory care units.  Many lived in what appeared to be anxiety ridden states.  Based on my friend's husbands ability to recall only lyrics when all other brain functions declined and based on my experience with elders living with memory loss, I have a hunch that if i play songs for our elders, songs not heard for decades,  we might allow them a pleasurable few minutes of intact memories.

Now several years after working on a set list that lets elders journey back in time despite memory loss, I have noticed research and information coming to light that bares out my initial hunch.

Why? Music Memory Live is a way to share more than music.  I also present live the history about the Minnesota music scene during the time of these songs.  I spend time at the Minnesota History Center researching popular movies and musical acts premiering in Minnesota during the various years that the songs I have chosen were released. I continue to develop my script between songs in which we time travel and take the street car downtown to the Orpheum, the Marigold Ballroom or over to the Curtis Hotel to see a recent released film or listen to the sounds of a music group. These shared memories are another layer of accessing forgotten places and times stored deep within where music and pure images live.

Music and and lyrics are a key to communication with people who are struggling with memory loss issues. And we all agree music itself is healing.  With Music Memory Live what I am trying to initiate is yet another application of the healing properties of music. To play these songs is a privilege. To play for my elders is my delight!

This website has audio clips and video of my live show when performed at a minneapolis night club. http://www.katelynch.namewww.katelynch.name/photos-and-video

Further information that illustrates music and memory connections: http://www.spring.org.uk/2013/12/music-and-memory-5-awesome-new-psychology-studies.phphttp://musicandmemory.org

Kate Lynch and Her Most Excellent Fellows would love to come to your community to play for the people that love this music most! www.katelynch.name


Previous events

TC Jazz Fest here we come! Last year, we had one of our best shows ever at JazzFest!
Please come see us as we close out the festival just blocks from Mears Park...and check out all three days of FREE JazzFest--a FANTASTIC local event of epic porportions! http://www.twincitiesjazzfestival.com/venues/biergarten-germanania/

Kate Lynch takes a tiny little break from gigs!)

 —  —

here and there

Gigging is such a blast...and it has been beyond heartening to slowly gather small masses of folks who seem to dig what we are doing, who love coming to see our shows and who appreciate these sweet, sweet old tunes...and playing with the Most Excellent Fellows is intense, gratifying and always perfectly intimidating.
In this last year we enjoyed so many fantastic opportunities...The Dakota, Vieux Carre, The Aster, The Landmark Center Gala, Twin Cities JazzFest, Bastille Day, Stone Arch Bridge Festival, Jones Harrison, countless special events and parties, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Friendship Village, Parma 8200...
And now I take a short break--summer, you know.
Myself and the Fellows will be back ready to lay it down for you soon! September 9th begins our exciting partnership with Aster Cafe...a nine month residency. We will play every Second Saturday.

Happy summer, and I hope to see you this fall!

Last year after we played TC JazzFest we walked around Mears Park we listened to Ellis Marsalis. The park was packed with happy Twin City-ans in their comfy camping chairs. The night was enchanted. This year we are playing as a part of the Twin Cities Jazz Fest just a stone throw away from Mears Park in the new venue The Green Lantern.
Come enjoy this two day long free event!