Kate's past performance work:
  • Session vocalist 2001-2014. Clients include Pepsi, Target, Nissan and several other national companies.  
  • Vocalist and composer for African Animal Alphabet, a National Geographic Short.
  • Co-Composer, lyricist and vocalist for Our World, a Cengage and National Geographic Learning project.  
  • Composer and bass player/vocalist for former Twin Cities band Triangle Park/Brawny Motherfolkers.
  • Dancer and Choreographer from 1991-2000. Performce venues include; BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music), DTW (Dance Theater Workshop) in New York, Miami Lights in Miami and Walker Art Center, Northrop Auditorium, State Theater in Minneapolis.

Kate Lynch and her Most Excellent Fellows


A few years ago I fell in love with a song from 1940 called The Java Jive.  The version I love is performed by the Ink Spots.  I had never even heard of the Ink Spots before that. The love of that song and my determination to learn it on the bass while also singing, lead me down a path that has been both challenging and super-duper rewarding.  I proceeded to listen to tons of songs from way-back to find the particular ones that moved me.  After much practicing alone (not always so fun for a bass player to play alone:)  I am able to meet my band of seasoned pros for a three set evening of songs that date twenty years before and after Java Jive.  I have had so much fun and now I am in love with every single tune that we play for this show...what a gift these old songs are.

Backing me up on guitar, drums, trombone and trumpet are The Most Excellent Fellows, a rousing and rotating group of some of the Twin Cities finest players... Chris BeatyKen Chastain, Michael Nelson, Richard Medek, Greg Lewis, Greg Schutte, Steve Wagner, Tim Zhorne, Pete Enblom, Andy Vaaler, Peter Vircks and Dan Eikmeir.  I am grateful for their willingness to lend their expertise and good vibes!  Thanks to sweet old tunes, the Most Excellent Fellows, and my total enjoyment of sharing these gems, we have a pretty lovely live show to offer!


on another note...About Kate's Book/Transmedia Project

I began a special project several years ago.  I now call this project The Birth (copyright 2013 Kate Lynch LLC).  The Birth is a story I created.  It can be accessed as an enhanced, interactive eBook.  A transmedia experience.  What does this mean?  It means that you can simply read the text of the story/book like you have been doing with printed books forever.  Or you can read the text AND you can click on embedded information to dive deeper into the story, listen to songs sung from the perspective of each character which were created and recorded by me, and watch films that I created for the project.

Where can you buy this experience?  Click here to find out!  You can read a
text only excerpt here.


and another note... Kate's Kids Music Project Clementown

 Kate also has a kid's music project that has been creating and producing music for hip kids and adventuresome adults with collaborator and partner Chris Beaty for over five years.  The project is called  Clementown.

Clementown produced the CD Polkabats and Octopus Slacks- THE MUSIC! in 2009 and premiered in the Twin Cities with a live show at the Walker Art Center in 2010.  Clementown debuted to a national audience at KindieFest in Brooklyn in 2011.  Please visit Clementown's site for more information about this dynamic project.

2014 is the year that National Geographic Learning/Cengage is releasing Our World.  Clementown are the writers and performers of 54 songs that accompany this project as well as writers and performers for the Series Song "This is Our World".  Our World is a six-level primary series in American English that uses fun and fascinating National Geographic content, with stunning images and video, to give young learners the essential English language, skills, and knowledge they need to understand their world. Our World